Hey Devs,

We're about to hit the road on the next user group tour, this one is a little different. We want to be able to get together with Java and .NET developers at the groups and talk about interoperability. We've got some great content and demos that have been created by some of our Regional Directors and some of the great minds working with BEA. This event series is going to be a great opportunity to come and learn about both sides of the fence and how to make it all work together.

If you are not part of a user group, no problem, join one. The event is free, you'll get the two hour presentation and access to a URL where you can your hands on Simon Guest's .NET / J2EE Interoperability Toolkit book ($70 value)

If you have friends / colleagues / co-workers who worh with .NET or Java, or both, make sure to invite them - this is an opportunity learn more about making it all come together.

I hope to see everyone at a UG meeting near them. Here's the line up of events:

Group Name Date
Thompson Okanagan .NET Users Group 21/02/2005
East of Toronto .NET User Group 21/02/2005
Ottawa .NET User Group 28/02/2005
Winnipeg .NET User Group 01/03/2005
.NET BC User Group 01/03/2005
Vancouver Technology User Group 01/03/2005
Vancouver .NET User Group 01/03/2005
Edmonton .NET Wizards User Group 08/03/2005
Waterloo .NET User Group 10/03/2005
Victoria .NET User Group 10/03/2005
Toronto .NET User Group 16/03/2005
Quebec City .NET User Group 17/03/2005
St. John's .NET User Group 22/02/2005
Fredericton .NET User Group 20/02/2005
Alberta .NET User Group (Calgary) 24/03/2005
Moncton .NET User Group 24/03/2005
Metro Toronto .NET User Group 24/03/2005
Halifax .NET User Group 25/03/2005
Montreal .NET User Group 21/03/2005
Montreal Microsoft .NET Architecture User Group 30/03/2005

Happy Coding,