Hi. My name is Craig Rowland. I'm one of the program managers on the Windows Driver Kits team. I've been at Microsoft for almost eight years now. I've moved around between groups but have always been doing work related to Windows and driver

February, 2008

  • craigrow

    Next kit release and a new blog

    As you're aware we were planning to release a beta of our next kit, WLK 1.2 "Boston" last week. Obviously that didn't happen. There is quite a bit of overhead that goes along with releasing a public beta build. We took a close look at what had changed...
  • craigrow

    WLK 1.1 SP Now Available

    As you will see in the WHQL News later today, the WLK 1.1 SP has been posted to Microsoft Connect . Below is the official release announcement. You may be wondering what is up with the 1.2 release. Recall that we were supposed to have a preview "beta...
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