Hi. My name is Craig Rowland. I'm one of the program managers on the Windows Driver Kits team. I've been at Microsoft for almost eight years now. I've moved around between groups but have always been doing work related to Windows and driver

April, 2008

  • craigrow

    Direct Link to WLK Support

    You may notice in this week's WHQL News that we have finally fixed one of our nagging flaws. We now have a direct link to the WLK support team . Use this to create support incidents. I'll keep this link in the Links list on the right side of my blog.
  • craigrow

    WLK 1.2 = Done

    Sorry I wasn't able to tell you earlier, I didn't want to scoop the flash that just went out. Below is the official announcement sent via a WHQL news flash and will be sent via the WHQL news next week. WLK 1.2 Release Announcement We are pleased...
  • craigrow

    WLK 1.2 is Almost Ready

    Obviously we've missed our April 1 target date for WLK 1.2.  We are taking a little extra time because we've checked in a bunch of fixes to tests over the last few weeks.  I expect we'll be done with validation by the end of the week. ...
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