Hi. My name is Craig Rowland. I'm one of the program managers on the Windows Driver Kits team. I've been at Microsoft for almost eight years now. I've moved around between groups but have always been doing work related to Windows and driver

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  • Blog Post: WHQL Log Viewer available

    The first DTM Power Toy is available for download . This tool opens the packages you create to submit your drivers to WHQL letting you browse through the results and logs. Send feedback on the tool to . If things go the way I hope this will be only the first of many DTM Power Toys...
  • Blog Post: It's official, WinHEC 2007 in the Big Easy

    This announcement has been made quietly. I guess my Campaign for anything bug Seattle can be retired now.
  • Blog Post: The Art of Project Management

    One of the things I had hoped could happen on this blog is a lively discussion of things I’ve read lately that others may also have read. My first attempt was some reviews of chapters in Naked Conversations . It didn’t seem to resonate with anyone, but I’m going to try again anyway. The book...
  • Blog Post: New Wikipedia entry

    I've been impressed with the value of Wikipedia lately. In the past using the Internet to search for information on an reasonably common topics often led to many useless links. Today I know I can go to Wikipedia and likely get good, topical information and links to the best resources on the web to learn...
  • Blog Post: Windows Live Expo

    I've used the Windows Live Expo beta to get rid of some left over construction materials I had as well as to sell the Mariner's tickets I can't use, I have season ticket in the Terrace Club. It is excellent and the new features outlined in this post should really take off. The integration with Spaces...
  • Blog Post: Puzzle time: think outside the box

    I'm not a big puzzle person but I ran across this puzzle twice in less than a week. Once in a project management book and once in an architecture book. I'm sure many of you have seen it before. If not, have fun.
  • Blog Post: More driver blogs

    Here is another new blog driver developers and testers will want to keep their eyes on.
  • Blog Post: Customizing Vista Setup

    This capability of Vista Setup came up in a number of conversations during the recent WHQL event on campus. I don't think it has much application in the driver development and testing space but apparently it is an interesting capability so I'll share it with the rest of the world here. As you know...
  • Blog Post: Peter Wieland has started a blog

    If you're at all involved with Windows driver development I expect you'll want to subscribe to this blog. I did.
  • Blog Post: Driver Dev Con and WinHEC

    Steve asks a good question... "Any word on DevCon yet? " There is no Driver Dev Con planned for this year. That's pretty disappointing to everyone on the WDK team. If this is disappointing to you also, I recommend you let the WinHEC organizers know.
  • Blog Post: WinHEC registration is open I'm told registrations are significantly ahead of 2005's pace.
  • Blog Post: Windows Deployment Services

    Most of you are aware that we aren't going to be able to ship the ASI client setup CD with the WDK as we had hoped. This leaves you on your own when doing the initial install of the client's safe OS. Some of our partners have been successful in using RIS for this initial setup. Well, RIS is being replaced...
  • Blog Post: The best comment on the whole driver signing discussion

    From Will Dean: "The real tragedy of driver-related BSODs is that in many applications people should never have needed to write KM code at all, let alone the ghastly 50 lines of application code surrounded by 5000 lines of impossible PnP/Power boilerplate. Hopefully WDF is going someway towards fixing...
  • Blog Post: I guess I touched a nerve...Vista driver signing requirements

    This post seems to have touched some raw nerves. I wasn't expecting that but I'm not surprised either given all the feedback I've heard re: driver signing since the first beta of XP. I understand the frustrations, I also know that when Windows crashes it is usually because of a 3rd part kernel mode driver...
  • Blog Post: Another Delicious Monster article

    Now they're getting national attention. See this article in Wired.
  • Blog Post: Working from the coffee shop

    Some of you know of my passion for coffee and the fact that I often take my laptop with me and work for an hour or two in local shops that offers WiFi. The UZ is one of my very favorites. It is owned by the guy who was the master roaster for Starbucks for a very long time and was there when Starbucks...
  • Blog Post: Dell "X-Image"

    Kevin Devin ran across Dell's X-Image tool . He wonders if this is not the same Microsoft Ximage tool. From this article you can see it clearly is not. Rather, it is an internally developed Dell tool they started work on in 2001. It was developed for Windows 2000 and Windows XP as opposed to the Ximage...
  • Blog Post: Happy Thanksgiving everyone

    Over the past months via our TAP program, events such as WinHEC and our customer site visits, I've met a lot of great people who are using our kits. That has been one of the greatest pleasures of my job. To everyone I've had the pleasure of meeting fact-to-face and to those of you who I've become acquainted...
  • Blog Post: Cable vs. Phone

    A few weeks ago I got a flyer in the mail from the cable company, Comcast, advertising phone service via their cable system. We're building a new home and every phone/cable jack in the house is a dual jack, with both coax and cat5 in the box so I can easily go either way. The convenience of one bill...
  • Blog Post: Technology over product

    One of the cardinal sins of product development is creating a product to take advantage of the latest wiz-bang technology and ending up with a product that is really cool and really technologically advanced but a product that nobody wants. I just found a great example. I was gifted a pair of tickets...
  • Blog Post: Dates for WinHEC 2006 have been set

    See details here . May 23-25 in Seattle...sigh. Anybody tired of going to Seattle for WinHEC yet?
  • Blog Post: Live

    If you've been reading this blog you know how much I like . Well, it looks like the prototype is about to become the official fron-end of Microsoft's effort to sell Windows and Office as a service. Check out .
  • Blog Post: Happy Halloween

    Today is one of the really great days to work at Microsoft. At about 4PM the buildings on campus will start filling up with kids in costumes trick-or-treating through the hallways. Each group decorates their areas of the buildings however they feel is approriate and bring in various kinds of food and...
  • Blog Post: Flaws of logic

    If you're reading this blog there is a good chance you're a computer geek. If you're a computer geek there is a good chance people who make arguments based on flawed logic drive you nuts. Wouldn't it be great to call them on the carpet? Wouldn't it be better if you could do it with one simple statement...
  • Blog Post: Hotmail upgrade coming

    The demo of the new Hotmail at the company meeting was very impressive. Previews are starting to get out and the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. Here is Paul Thurrott's conclusion... "Kahuna is a huge improvement over Hotmail, Microsoft's current service, and GMail, the Google-owned...
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