OK, I really didn’t build one, but I recently bought a house. We are not talking BillG size of a house, and I have no yard because it is a townhouse condo, but I am happy with it and it is much bigger than my current apartment. I have been thinking about all the cool stuff I want to do, particularly the internet infrastructure I want to put in. My current apartment, while nice, is so small that I could not leave the computer designated as a server running overnight, otherwise it would be so loud it would keep me awake (if I was smart, I would have bought a quieter fan for around $15, but that would not be fun, would it?). Now with 3 bedrooms, I can leave it in a separate room turned on 24 hours a day without being disturbed.


What kind of neat things do I have planned? Well, first off I will be upgrading the wireless system to the new Microsoft 802.11g wireless router. I will do this because I have a video capture card on one computer where I can record TV shows into MPEG, and with the higher bandwidth I can copy the 11GB file to my laptop (1 hour == 11GB of data) which has a 3.06GHz P4 to edit them using Windows Movie Maker to make them into WMV files. I will keep the old Microsoft 802.11b around for my Pocket PC which has a compact flash wireless card. I have all my music files stored on my server computer in WMA format and, once I can figure out how WM Server works (they changed it a lot since the last time I configured it on NT4), I can stream the music to my my Pocket PC. Lastly I can start serving my personal website off of my server rather than leaving them on my ISP’s servers, which gives me the benefit of using ASP .NET and not static HTML.