If you have not yet heard, we are all being moved over to the site weblogs.asp.net for posting our blogs. I am not sure I am fond of this idea for a few number reasons, mostly because now everybody needs to start looking in a different place on a site that has a name that is completely unrelated to VS. But hey, what can I do? Well, actually a lot. This has started me thinking about how blogging works, how it can be improved, and Korby and I have been talking about the neat things we can do. I started writing a little bit of code over last weekend to see how these ideas work out. The first step of this new code is a simple blog reader for VS that I hope to release within the next week or two. I am also trying to get a blogging site opened up for VS people, we will see how it works out.


For now, my blogs will now be going onto http://weblogs.asp.net/craigskibo. Any changes I make there will also be mirrored here until this site is closed to any new posts.