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Sorry I can't answer the phone right now, I am outside feeding yogurt to the clowns.

April, 2004

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About Craig Skibo's WebLog

Craig's blog discusses topics related to Visual Studio, particularly the programmability models (VSIP an Automation), as well as whatever is on his mind for that day.

Craig has worked with developer tools at Microsoft for over 10 years, first on the Visual C++ 4.1 IDE, to today on the next version of Visual Studio.

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    New Add-in sample – Add Code Wizard

    I originally wrote this sample for the wizards chapter of our book , but it really did not fit into the flow of the rest of the chapter. It was a tough cut, but it had to be done. I forgot about it until recently while doing some hard disk clean-up. ...
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    Contest & WebCast info

    There is an Add-in writing contest going on over at . They are giving away some great prizes - including a copy of our book that I will sign. I just finished up my web cast. It did not...
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    It has been a while (again) since my last posting. We have been busy bug fixing, polishing the rough edges, and fixing the usability problems. Visual Studio Whidbey is starting to look good. We have done a lot since the Alpha went out, and we hope you...
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