Last night I was sitting in bed watching a little TV, and using my PocketPC to browse the web through my wireless connection in my house. I was also trying to catch up on some of the blogs on MSDN, when I realized that I could easily convert VSBlogger to also be a blog reader for my PocketPC. After about 30 minutes (most of that trying to figure out why I could not connect to the internet in the emulator [I needed to set up the proxy]) I have a working blog reader for a Pocket PC. I created the initial project in Whidbey, so I will need to convert it to a VS 2003 project, and then I will post the code to the GDN workspace.


I will need to re-write the storage mechanism because when I would persist data (such as blogs subscribed to, which entries were read, etc) I would use serialization. It seems that the .NET CF does not support serialization, so I will need to manually save the data. It should not be that complicated to hook up some sort of data storage mechanism.