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July, 2004

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About Craig Skibo's WebLog

Craig's blog discusses topics related to Visual Studio, particularly the programmability models (VSIP an Automation), as well as whatever is on his mind for that day.

Craig has worked with developer tools at Microsoft for over 10 years, first on the Visual C++ 4.1 IDE, to today on the next version of Visual Studio.

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    Why are there two .Addin files?

    The last few days I have been meeting with 3 rd party developers, helping them with their VSIP packages and Add-ins, giving talks, and trying to look helpful. One of the questions that we got has been a center of controversy for a while – why are...
  • Craig Skibo's WebLog

    Remember – Services are singletons

    Within the past week, services have been a big issue on two fronts. First, it was found that some services VS provides would create a new instance every time you called it. Second, in my last post I described a bug where input in one buffer would appear...
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    So much to do…

    I have been quite busy lately, I have been taking on many odd jobs designing and creating smaller features that everybody else does not have time to work on, but features that people have been asking for. All of this has been distracting me from my blogging...
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    Visual IL

    After a lot of time spent working on my IL editor and IL project, I finally have a workable version ready for you to try out, if you would like. The MSI file that is linked below, includes code for a project and an editor. The project has templates to...
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