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August, 2005

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About Craig Skibo's WebLog

Craig's blog discusses topics related to Visual Studio, particularly the programmability models (VSIP an Automation), as well as whatever is on his mind for that day.

Craig has worked with developer tools at Microsoft for over 10 years, first on the Visual C++ 4.1 IDE, to today on the next version of Visual Studio.

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    Community Content Web Starter Kit

    I have uploaded a new tool to the Content Installer Power Toys web site – the Community Content Web starter kit. This starter kit will quickly create a web site designed to host VSI files. It has features for adding ratings and comments to a file, allows...
  • Craig Skibo's WebLog

    A use for the IntelliPoint software

    Usually I do not install the IntelliPoint software that is in the box when you buy a Microsoft Mouse – unless I have Visual Studio installed on the computer I am using the mouse with. Visual Studio has two buttons to the left of the Start Debugging button...
  • Craig Skibo's WebLog

    VS Content Installer Power Toys

    The first release of the VS Content Installer Power Toys are now available. You will need a recent build of VS (I tested with the August CTP, but the July version may also work) to use these tools. Remember, they are still a beta build, so not everything...
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