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Sorry I can't answer the phone right now, I am outside feeding yogurt to the clowns.

June, 2007

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About Craig Skibo's WebLog

Craig's blog discusses topics related to Visual Studio, particularly the programmability models (VSIP an Automation), as well as whatever is on his mind for that day.

Craig has worked with developer tools at Microsoft for over 10 years, first on the Visual C++ 4.1 IDE, to today on the next version of Visual Studio.

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    Visual Studio Shell architecture – Part 1

    Before getting into how this new Visual Studio Shell Isolated (let’s call it VSSI for short) thing works, I thought I would go into some background of how Visual Studio works, so you can better understand how your program will work. When you click...
  • Craig Skibo's WebLog

    Indroducing Visual Studio Shell

    I have not been making too many posts here, mostly because I have had my head down working on some new, secret tools for the past few months. Now I can talk about them because today at TechEd we announced what that new tool is, Visual Studio Shell Isolated...
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