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Sorry I can't answer the phone right now, I am outside feeding yogurt to the clowns.

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  • Blog Post: You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here

    If you have not yet heard, we are all being moved over to the site for posting our blogs. I am not sure I am fond of this idea for a few number reasons, mostly because now everybody needs to start looking in a different place on a site that has a name that is completely unrelated to...
  • Blog Post: Keeping up with the Jonse's

    Many years ago, after reviewing all the available products out there, I settled on the DVD+RW format and bought a DVD burner. Blank disks were expensive ($15-$20 each), the software was really bad (they recently released a patch so you could run it on Windows XP), and they were slow. After a trip...
  • Blog Post: You talking to me? I said are you talking to me?

    Ugh. I got word today that my talk at PDC 2003 has been canceled to make room for another one. After three years of giving talks, I guess it is time to take a break. I am still making the trip, and maybe this year I will get a chance to attend more than one or two talks. Usually PDC week is a really...
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