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Warning: May be "Jab myself in the eye with a pencil" geeky.

October, 2004

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About Chris Rathjen

I'm an "SDET" (usually Software Design Engineer In Test) for Microsoft. I work on Team Foundation - the server component to Visual Studio Team System. I am a geek.

  • Chris Rathjen

    Running As Normal User

    As most of you probably know, Microsoft is a land of acronyms. We mostly prefer the 3-letter variety here (TLAs), but I've been spending a lot of time lately thinking about one of the 4-letter ones: RANU. RunAs Normal User. Just to be clear about what...
  • Chris Rathjen

    Addressing comments from other posts

    Calvin raised a few questions in an earlier post that I wanted to answer in a new post (the comment chain on that post was getting pretty long). You can read his last two comments here . I doubt installing the SQL2005 beta side-by-side with SQL 2000 is...
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