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Warning: May be "Jab myself in the eye with a pencil" geeky.

January, 2005

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About Chris Rathjen

I'm an "SDET" (usually Software Design Engineer In Test) for Microsoft. I work on Team Foundation - the server component to Visual Studio Team System. I am a geek.

  • Chris Rathjen

    Some more merge examples

    Buck had a post awhile back on the basics of branch and merge . I wanted to give a few more examples of what you can do with the merge feature from the command line. The version control commands are in bold text, and the output from the server in italics...
  • Chris Rathjen

    Shelving primer

    Buck posted a howto on shelving from the command line . For those of you out there with the December CTP, you have a chance to get an early look at how one of my favorite features in Team Foundation Version Control. It's also one of the areas I'm responsible...
  • Chris Rathjen

    I need a subtitle!

    I'm going to borrow a page out of Korby 's playbook. I talk about a somewhat scattered variety of topics - lots of areas within Hatteras, security (not a whole lot so far but more as I go, hopefully), and (rarely) my possibly compulsive level of familiarity...
  • Chris Rathjen


    I've been entirely negligent about my Blogging lately, and for that I apologize. It's a sad but almost unavoidable tradeoff that, as the amount of things we're doing increases, the amount of time available to talk about them decreases, but that's a poor...
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