...you must be able to think like one.

Actually, I'm more interested in deterring and thwarting than I am in catching one (though the latter makes a better movie, no doubt). But, all of these goals benefit from the ability to adopt the mindset, goals, and approach of your adversary. Part of the "Road to RTM" for products here at Microsoft is a period of intense activity that we call The Security Push. This is when a lot of the ongoing security efforts - spec and design reviews, threat modeling, code reviews, and so on, really come into sharp focus and are validated by penetration testing. Penetration testing is where we actually conduct some of the attacks our software is likely to face, and see where we're defending ourselves adequately, and where we need to do better.

We've done a lot of planning and preparation to get to this point, but as always, I'm curious to see what the community thinks about what security means for a version control system. There are some obvious threats - various ways to break in and copy, destroy, or tamper with the versioned data, and attempts to slow or completely deny access to the server come to mind. What else (if anything) worries you when you think about your version control system, and the data that resides within it?

I want to make sure we've got the bases covered, from the obvious and likely to the fairly obscure - the last thing a customer wants to hear when her data has been compromised was "well, we didn't think anyone would try to get at it THAT way..."