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Warning: May be "Jab myself in the eye with a pencil" geeky.

August, 2005

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About Chris Rathjen

I'm an "SDET" (usually Software Design Engineer In Test) for Microsoft. I work on Team Foundation - the server component to Visual Studio Team System. I am a geek.

  • Chris Rathjen

    More on shelving

    More on the phantom comments. I missed a couple comments to my shelving post that I want to follow up on. Keith outlined a basic scenario to help him understand the workflow: I have checked out a file and made extensive changes then get told...
  • Chris Rathjen

    <-- Blogging n00b

    Apparently, I'm more of a blogging neophyte than I thought. Or, I could blame the infrastructure, I suppose. I set anonymous comments to 'moderate' instead of publish by default. Which is great, but apparently I don't get notified when there are unmoderated...
  • Chris Rathjen

    No SourceSafe-style Sharing in VSTS - what do I do instead?

    Last post , I wrote about the lack of sharing. The question I didn’t answer was, “Well, what should we do instead?” This question came up on the forums in this post , and evolved into a specific scenario; here’s an excerpt: We are developing applications...
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