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Warning: May be "Jab myself in the eye with a pencil" geeky.

October, 2005

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About Chris Rathjen

I'm an "SDET" (usually Software Design Engineer In Test) for Microsoft. I work on Team Foundation - the server component to Visual Studio Team System. I am a geek.

  • Chris Rathjen

    So close...yet so far...

    There's a LOT to like in the 2.0 version of the Framework and Base Class Library. But, I ran into something today that I feel is missing. Or at least, it'd be really cool of it was there. I want to be able to override the ToString method on an enum...
  • Chris Rathjen

    My God, it's full of Edge Cases

    I've posted on resolve before , but I figured it'd be nice to come back and see where things stand in the Beta3->RTM timeframe. When you run get, checkin, or merge, the system can’t always do what you want it to. There are some basic cases – you...
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