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Commenting is back!

Commenting is back!

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We were wondering why we weren't getting comments on posts...until we tried on comment on one ourselves.  Our intrepid site manager Jim Glass has now fixed the problem with some errant script, so comments are back.

Two recent posts (Sudip's post yesterday about MUI and Kari's post from Wednesday about customer-centric businesses) asked for your feedback, so if you have anything to share, well, now you can.  We welcome your comments.

  • Turn on full syndication of your feeds. Some of us read blogs in places other than your (our) web site. There's no reason I should have to navigate to MSDN to see the rest of a post :)
  • Done. I should have caught that. Thanks!
  • Sudip's post from yesterday disappeared.  I have the first few lines in my RSS reader, but the actual post is gone.
  • It's back. It was being tweaked.  ;o)
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