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Terminal Server Updated Scripts for CRM v3c

Terminal Server Updated Scripts for CRM v3c

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Hi all—

After a long wait and a barrage of customers and partners asking me for these scripts, they’ve been released! These new terminal server scripts provide support for the CRM V3C Outlook Client’s new custom MAPI store.

As before, these scripts are only supported on Windows 2003.

Download can be found at:

Thanks to Navin Thadani, David West, Ally Sharad, and Crystal Smithwick for getting this release out the door!

Michael Lu

  • Hi Michael,

    I downloaded the latest scripts and the add-in was working fine for a couple of days and then it grays out again.  I uninstall the CRM Outlook, run RegClean, reboot the server and reinstall CRM desktop client for Outlook.  All users are to access the toolbar for some time and then grays out again.  Any suggestions?

  • Any solutions - same experience...

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