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CRM v3i-Compatibility release now available for download

CRM v3i-Compatibility release now available for download

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FYI.., new Client image, for compatibility with Office12 and Vista, is now available for download in the following languages..

Simplified Chinese, Japanese

At this location (below) on the Download Center at: 

You may need to toggle to the appropriate language, via the “change language” dropdown list.

Many thanks to all involved.

Michael Lu

  • I am getting very frustrated on the following issue. I am trying to install the outlook client on vista but I cannot manage to log in via outlook. I am always getting the error message "Conection Failed:verify credentials and try again." . This used to work with WinXP and outlook 2003. I only installed Vista and kept office 2003.

    What can the problem be ? From the web browser everything works perfectly

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