Related Attributes Feature in CRM 4.0

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Related Attributes Feature in CRM 4.0

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This is one of coolest features which I like in CRM Titan 4.0. It gives us the ability to add attributes from Many-to-1 (Lookup) related entities to a grid. So, let’s briefly talk about  this feature.

Adding a related Attribute to the Grid.

Let’s say you want a list all your Active Accounts and that you also want to know the City of your Account’s Primary Contacts. In CRM 3.0 you were only able to view Primary Attribute such as Full Name of the Contact in an Account View. You would do this in Titan 4.0 thusly:

1) Go to Accounts Grid. (Workplace --> Customers --> Account)

2) Click on Advance Find to launch a new page.

3) Select “My Active Accounts” from the “Use Saved View” drop down.

4) Click on Edit Columns button.


5) Select Add Columns


6) Select Primary Contact (Contact) from the Record Type drop down list


7) Scroll down the list and select Address 1: City checkbox and click on OK button


8) By default, the attribute you selected would appear as the last column of the View. To change the location as to where it should be placed, you can use Left or Right Arrows buttons.


9) Click on OK button.

10) Click on 'Save As', enter a view Name like “My Active Accounts – with Related Entity Column” and click on OK again.


11) Now, click on Find button from the 'Advance Find' window.


12)  You would see the City of the Primary Contact for Account. Note: this column is listed as Address 1: City (Primary Contact) in the grid below.



Manoj Kithany

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  • Can we have the similar idea in the CRM Forms when selecting a parent or relation lookup field and show it's other attribute as read-only of lookup entity without much programming stuff? This will make data entry quite easy.

    I know that we can IFRAME but this is quite custom code.



  • Hi

    "Address 1: City (Primary Contact)" is a very long

    text. Is it possible to change it to something like "Contact's City" ?


  • That's great. I was excited about this feature when I heard about it...but it appears that related columns in grid views are not sortable. Can you confirm this or am I missing something?

  • Caution if money attributes are included into the view. In such a case you MUST also include the currency attribute, othwerwise the view will crash.


  • Robert, I didn't know I had to include the Currency attribute so the view doesn't crash. Thank you.

    I think views can be improved, for example we only use Dollar as our currency, so in our case it makes no sense to include it as part of the view.

    Another thing is that you cannot change the name of the view column. I thought it would be possible in CRM 4.0 but apparently is not. It would be nice to be able to show something like "Contact's City" instead of "Address 1: City (Primary Contact)" wich is very long and personally I think it doesn't look good.


  • hi,

    how do you create an attribute for an existing attribute meaning if i have a field name services for example once i click to an specific service i would like to have another field with sub categories based on the services field can you help??

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