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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online: Windows Services Connector

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online: Windows Services Connector

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Microsoft is now offering a Community Technology Preview of Microsoft Services Connector—a new Windows Server® component that seamlessly connects Active Directory users to a suite of Live services and Microsoft Online Services (including Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online). After the Microsoft Services Connector is installed, users are able to log into their Active Directory account and be given seamless access to Microsoft services as if those services were hosted on your organization's own network.

Microsoft Services Connector leaves full administrative control of users and accounts in the hands of the customer. Try out Microsoft Services Connector today and let us know what you think!



Brian Galicia

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  • So was "Strata" the code name for "Azure" or what?  If not, what does it represent in your diagram?

  • It is a great idea, but they don't support very many SSL certificate providers today.  I cannot connect my AD implementation because I got my certificate from digicert.  They only support Verisign, Entrust, and Network Solutions today.  Please encourage that team to support more certficates, including wildcard certs.

  • Shan: I ran accross your comment and I'm sorry it's been a few weeks.  If you see this, please  call DigiCert and ask for me.  I'd be happy to help.

    Paul Tiemann

    CTO, DigiCert Inc

    (800) 896-7973

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