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Preview: Mobile Express for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0

Preview: Mobile Express for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0

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We work all the time and everywhere. Getting information, giving information, communicating and keeping up. It is only natural that an application designed for letting businesses connect with their customers should be capable of working anywhere and anytime too.

This week, we released a preview of Mobile Express for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0. No one should think that this is the start or the finish of Microsoft Dynamics CRM mobility though. As we’ve looked at the needs for mobile CRM we’ve see not one experience but many experiences - we think that there are as many ways to take CRM mobile as there are uses of CRM. Mobile Express is one of those experiences.

Mobile Express for Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides users with a Web based CRM client that works on any HTML rendering device, small or large. The user interface can be customized to show only the types of objects that an organization wants to expose to mobile users. We see this choice working well for organizations with remote users who are frequently connected to a network and who may not need constant access to their CRM data but who want to have the flexibility to call it up when needed.

One of the interesting things that we’ve seen over the last few years is the desire to “never give a laptop computer to a sales person again” (an actual customer’s words). For organizations like this, a rich client on a smart device makes a lot of sense. Independent software vendors make full Microsoft Dynamics CRM applications for Windows Mobile (TenDigits, CWR Mobility, ADC), RIM Blackberry devices (TenDigits), the iPhone (softBridge) and Nokia phones (CRMMobile+). These applications typically have offline capabilities and can act as full PC replacements for some workers. I love these rich clients because while they have a broad range of CRM capabilities they can also be tailored to the specific needs of the jobs that people are doing with them.

And while I don’t expect too many people to be pulling out the Windows Mobile SDK to build their own mobile applications, building your own mobile solution may be cost effective and provide you with the best solution. In cases where there is a very limited set of tasks that users need to perform, special device functionality is needed or where you have development expertise in house, a bespoke solution can make sense. The solution could be as simple as e-mail alerts sent to mobile users or as complex as a .NET Compact Framework client. And some organizations are taking a mixed approach here: building an application for some users and purchasing one for others.

You can download the Mobile Express for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Preview and give us feedback through newsgroups at:

Barry Givens

Update: Thanks for the feedback it is going to good use. To find answers to issues that you may be having with the beta or to share your successes with us please head over to the discussion forums on the Connect site.

URL is:

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  • This is exciting news!  We will be trying it out and will provide feedback.

    Barry, will this option be available for Microsoft CRM Online?  ETA?



  • Exciting news - the new Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Mobile Express is available for preview. The 4.0 Mobile

  • Great work! A few things I noticed:

    1. I can’t figure out is how to identify that the CallerOrigin is a mobile device. How would one target plug-in development for that specific medium?

    2. What about script support or at least the ability to set fields as disabled?

    3. What is the development paradigm?

  • Will this mean, CRM Mobile Express will shipped free with CRM 4.0 ? Or I have to still go to TEN DIGITS and pay them for BlackBerry Based CRM.

  • should be available as a download, but the current version is just a web interface that is accessible by mobile devices using their web browser.. it is not an application that you install on your blackberry or windows mobile device like mobile express was in the past..

  • Nice to see you released this, but I just want to make sure that my clients don't get the wrong impression as far as the capabilities of this package are concerned.

    I noticed in my testing that some of the features in the user guide document are incorrect. The document forgets to mention that Appointments are ReadOnly.

    I also noticed that the term Editable might be a bit misleading. A number of Entities can be edited, but you might not be able to create New records. Also there is no easy way to add additional Related Entities.

    I noticed that you supplied all of the source code (like the previous version of Express) so I assume that this will NOT be fully supported by Microsoft, since you couldn't ensure someone didn't tamper with the code.

  • <p>Microsoft has finally released a "preview" of Mobile Express for CRM, a free mobile app for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0.</p> ...

  • Does this, or does this not work with IFD?

  • Where can I find any web blogs on tips for install issues?  I've tried several variants of create website / integrate with a website, but the installer keeps telling me my user doesn't have CRM Customization rights.  I've tried two different full CRM admins (one the Domain Admin account used to intall the product), so I don't think it is a permission issue.  Running Rollup2 here.. maybe that is the problem?

  • Re. Does this, or does this not work with IFD?

    This beta install does seem to error out when IFD is enabled.  For testing, disable IFD via the IFD UI tool (On Premise Only) and try to reinstall Mobile Express

  • Re. Running Rollup2 here.. maybe that is the problem?

    Maybe another variable causing the problem.  We have Update Rollup 2 on our test enviornments, Mobile Express Preview installed Ok.  Try installing on another baseline test enviornment to see if problem repeats.  I would also suggest submitting this to the Connect Newsgroup.  Good luck

  • Question.  I downloaded the MobileExpressSetup.msi file, and does this get installed at the server?  I have an iPhone, and wasn't clear on how this works.  Any insight would be great as the documentation is very very lean.

  • Here are some of the solutions that are available for Dynamics CRM 4.0 (when we say “4.0”, we are usually

  • I installed Mobile Express Preview just fine. The server does not have IFD installed/configured, and there were no errors during the install. I can access and manipulate the Admin page just fine.

    BUT, http://servername:8888 returns a 403 error - Directory Listing Denied, after prompting for credentials.

    What may be causing this, and what can I do to resolve it? I've tried appending /default.aspx to the URL, and then received a Server Application Unavailable error.



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