Whitepaper: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Reference Architecture

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Whitepaper: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Reference Architecture

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I wanted to share that I just published a brand new white paper entitled “Microsoft Dynamics CRM Reference Architecture” that I just finished authoring. It is available on the Microsoft Downloads site at the following URL:

http://download.microsoft.com/download/E/E/7/EE72BCF3-66E9-41E3-BEB2-8CC0A90A326A/Dynamics CRM Reference Architecture Version 1.0.pdf

This document is intended for enterprise architects within customer and partner organizations who are evaluating Microsoft Dynamics CRM from an architecture standpoint. It highlights architectural details on key components of Dynamics CRM, as it applies in an on-premises deployment model as well as in a cloud environment.


Sumit Virmani

  • Hi Sumit,

    The document reference "Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Performance and Stress Testing Toolkit" and mention that it will be available as a free download.

    When can we expect it to be available for download?

    I'm in an urgent need of performance testing tools since I experience complains about performance even though I have created a 3-Server productions environment (SQL Cluster, Back-End Server, Fron-End Server) and we're only have 10 users on our system at the moment (expect to have around 800 users in the future).



  • UPDATE: Okay, it seem to be available already.. ;-)


  • This link is not to a Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Performance and Stress Testing Toolkit. This is to some one's CRM 2011 adaptation of the CRM 4.0 toolkit (which they've made available)

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