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What Doesn’t Want You to Know

What Doesn’t Want You to Know

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I’m always interested to learn the reasons why customers choose Microsoft Dynamics CRM over Most commonly I hear that significant cost reductions along with compelling increases in productivity and user adoption are the key reasons for their choice.

As our customers switch from, they often share with us the pain points they’ve experienced, things they really didn’t know when they started using – the hidden costs, the fine print – all of the things they expected the service to deliver, but never got. I think all current and potential customers should know the facts about what they’re getting – and what they’re not getting – when they invest in a CRM solution. Throughout the month, we’ll be sharing via @MSDynamicsCRM some of the pain points about that we hear from customers every day that they really don’t want you to know. We call it “, Revealed.”

To kick off the discussion, let’s start with an obvious point – it’s better for customers to give them the power to choose between running in the public cloud and running in a private cloud environment, and to move across deployment models if their needs change. Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers a single, unified, multi-tenant code base for both public cloud deployments (via Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online) and on-premises deployments. When it comes to, anyone who wants a private cloud solution – whether due to technical, regulatory or business policy requirements – is simply out of luck. The deployment choice offered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM is just one of the many reasons why is so worried about Microsoft.

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  • There are so many things they don't want you to know.

    We made a list here:

  • Don't sign up with Chrome, Firefox, Safari:  MS Dynamics On Line doesn't support Chrome or Firefox.  It really is a private cloud.

  • Another thing to consider - Because Google is aiming to the enterprise market and all other signs I see so far..., I'd like to predict that within 2 years, Google will acquire

    Jim Wang - MVP Dynamics CRM

  • Hmm... Bill.

    We have already announced support for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari in the first half of calendar year 2012.

  • I would really love to see an honest evaluation of both MSDynamics and Salesforce, every "comparison" i've seen just gives the differntial being the public/private cloud argument and the price?? there has to be some more?

    Also the comparisions seem to be only from MSDynamics partners and seem to lack real knowledge of Salesforce so the information is misleading or wrong..

    For example just in the link above it says that you have to pay for Salesforce Mobile access. Yes you do have to pay for the "advanced" mobile access but I've never known anyone get it as the standard mobile access supports all out of the box functionality in Salesforce. Also there are additional free apps for Salesforce chatter for iPhone/iPad, blackberry, android etc.

    It seems like no-one who knows Salesforce well has actually done a comparision... So looking forward to MS Dynamics tweats! I'm sure Microsoft have done their homework :)

  • I like this comparison chart:

  • You might also look at the most recent Gartner, Forrester, and Nucleus Research evaluations (see below). Note that Microsoft Dynamics CRM holds a leadership position in every report.  

    Gartner Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automation, July 2011:

    Gartner Magic Quadrant for CRM Customer Service Contact Centers, April 2011:

    The Forrester Wave™: CRM Suites Customer Service Solutions, July 2010:

    The Forrester Wave™: CRM Suites For Midsized Organizations, June 2010:

    The Forrester Wave™: CRM Suites for Large Organizations, June 2010:

    Nucleus Research:  Value Matrix, June 2011:

  • Please dont forget Partner Hosted, we are still out their and its still a valid deployment model

  • Here's a webinar that provides 5 good reasons companies are switching from Salesforce to MS CRM -

  • There's more than just costs that differentiate Microsoft CRM and Here's another recent webcast presented by a veteran consultant who has delivered both solutions. He goes into some functional differences between the two solutions and key things to think about for any CRM selection process.

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