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Best practices... Workflow examples to start with.

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    Simple Sales Process

    Scenario à Bikes Corp has implemented MSCRM 3.0 in order to ensure profitable customer relationships and happy customers. Bikes Corp. sells all kind of bikes to institutional buyers like government, schools etc. Charlie is the owner of the business...
  • Microsoft CRM Best Practices

    Updates to Workflow Best Practices Blog...

    I wanted to share my plans to update my workflow best practices posts on Microsoft CRM Best Practices blog and seek some early feedback. Instead of creating a new blog entry each time I want to add a new usage sceanrio, I shall simply append the information...
  • Microsoft CRM Best Practices

    MSCRM 3.0 Workflow Best Practices

    Rule Type Sales Service Trackers Customer reward points Sales Revenue by Account/Salesperson Excess Discount Satisfaction Level by Account/Service Rep Number of Escalations by Account/Service Rep Escalation...
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