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CRM 2011: Silently Installing Update Rollups

CRM 2011: Silently Installing Update Rollups

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Many of my customers like to install CRM Outlook client update rollups silently in order to limit end-user interruption.  It is possible to silently install Update Rollups.  I've listed the necessary steps below:

  • Download the CRM update rollup that you'd like to apply from the Microsoft Download Center (ex.  CRM2011-Client-KB2547347-ENU-i386.exe)
  • Extract the update rollup package (CRM2011-Client-KB2547347-ENU-i386.exe /extract)
  • After extracting the package, you'll see a file named CrmUpdateWrapper.exe
  • To silently install the update rollup via a command prompt, launch the CrmUpdateWrapper (ex.  crmupdatewrapper.exe /q /log "C:\log\log.txt")
    • The above syntax silently installs the update rollup and creates a log file in the specified folder.  Additional parameters that can be used are:
      • /? = available parameter options
      • /q = silent install
      • /passive = installer/uninstall runs in passive mode
      • /norestart = even if required, does not restart the computer after installation is completed
      • /forcerestart = even if it is not required, restarts the computer after installation is completed
      • /promptrestart = prompts the user to restart the computer after the installation is completed when a restart is required
      • /uninstall = update is uninstalled
      • /log = user can define the log file local path name

While it is definitely possible to run the above silent install from a command prompt, most customers will choose to use these parameters when pushing out update rollups through deployment software (ex. System Center Configuration Manager).


- Jon

  • This did not work for Rollup 6 or Rollup 8

  • Appears to not be working for me either. The install appears successful, but when attempting to use the product, we get the following error:

    Unable to load DLL 'osafehtm.dll'

    Reinstalling Update Rollup 8 manually (using the exact same command line that we used for the programmatic install) right on top of the existing install resolves the issue.

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