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How to install Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 without an Internet Connection

How to install Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 without an Internet Connection

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Updated 8/14/2013 – See our blog article on how to automatically create the redist folder with PowerShell: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/crminthefield/archive/2013/08/14/use-powershell-build-a-redist-folder-to-install-dynamics-crm-2011-without-an-internet-connection.aspx 

Updated on 6/5/2013 - Added WindowsIdentityFoundation as a pre-req for the CRM Outlook client as it's now required for client installs.

Even with the world we live in, there will be scenarios when you need to install CRM 2011 when there is no Internet connection available.  The most common scenarios are for virtual (Hyper-V) demo environments and environments with firewalls, and\or other security requirements that block Internet access.  I looked through the Implementation Guide and I didn't see the detailed steps available yet, so I wanted to share them on our PFE blog.

If you download the CRM 2011 ISO from MSDN, or have a physical DVD that you are installing from, you will already have the Redist folder and all the pre-requisites downloaded.  However, if you downloaded your CRM 2011 installation media from the Microsoft download site, then you will have to manually build this Redist pre-requisite folder structure.

Note: If you are installing CRM 2011 on a server that has Internet access, the installation will automatically go out and download the pre-requisite files during the install.

Step 1: Create the Redist folder structure at the same level as the Server, Client, EmailRouter and BIDSExtensions folders.

Once you create the Redist folder it should look something like this:



Step 2: Create the following subfolders directly under the Redist folder



Note: This is a Redist setup for all CRM components: Server, Outlook Client, Email Router, SRS Reporting Extensions and Bids.  For the CRM Outlook client, customers are commonly pushing this out via SCCM or other push technologies, so you want to keep the install package as small as possible.  For the CRM Outlook client the only prerequisites that you would need to include are the ones below.  You could even take it a step further and only include the specific OS and architecture components if you are deploying to clients that are all similar in OS and architecture.

1. dotNETFX


3. MSI45


5. ReportViewer


7. VCRedist

8. WindowsIdentityFoundation

9. SQLEXPR - Only needed if installing offline CRM Outlook clients


Step 3: Download the pre-requisite files and copy them into the appropriate subfolders

Note: The following download links are for US English (1033), but you can change the language you want to download if you search for the filename and go to the actual download page. Also, these download links will always have the latest update for the prerequisite software regardless of whether I have the correct name listed below. The reason for this is that I may just not have had time to update the Prerequisite name below for every Service Pack or Cumulative Update that is released.

Now you have all of the pre-requisites downloaded and saved in the correct folder structures, so you can continue with the CRM 2011 installation even without an Internet connection.

Hopefully this saves those of you who run into this scenario some time!


  • Excellent post!

  • Shawn, this is fantastic.  Can we repost this on the CRM Technet Wiki?

  • VC++ Redist 2008 or VC++ Redist 2010?

  • @fantastic - Sure, go ahead and re-post on CRM Technet Wiki if you have not already.

    @Maxime - VC++ 2008 - Direct links to download are included above as well.

  • Shawn,

    Can you tell me why the downloads are different between MSDN and the main site?

  • @Mark- Sorry for the delayed response.  If you download the media from the Microsoft download site we assume you have Internet connect and the install will download all the pre-reqs automatically.  Helps to reduce the overall size of the download as well.

  • Nicely describe! well done.

    <a href=www.corporateserve.com/.../> Microsoft Dynamics</a>

  • Hi Shawn Dieken

    IN which folder should we keep these exe?


  • Shawn, your instructions are really apreciated, however even following your guide exactly as listed for the Outlook Client, the SetupClient.exe still tries to download the prerequisites. I am using the download from Microsoft's site as the original package. Any thoughts?

  • @Abdul - These can be kept in any folder that the installer has permissions to read.

    @Chris - Something must not be setup correctly with your folder structure or naming then.  The install will look locally at the \Redist folder first and if the install can't find the pre-req in that folder it will then go online to try download the file.  You can see this happening in your installation log file as well if you search "Redist"

  • Shawn,

    This is a excellent post, although I find that no matter how i setup the structure the Crm 2011 will not find the SQLCE folder under Redist for the SSCERuntime-ENU-x86.msi and SSCERuntime-ENU-x64.msi files.  Each and everytime the CRM install runs it downloads these two files for install.  Have you seen this problem?

  • @Zen - I have the same problem. Did you find a solution?

  • @Zen and @Artem - I looked into this and it looks like when the SQL CE team updated it's redistributable file that they changed the name slightly as well.  This is a good tip to watch out for though as CRM doesn't control the pre-reqs, so my forward links should always be correct, but the file names may change slightly if the other products change them when they do their updates.

    The new names are:



    Instead of previously:



    Give this a try and let me know.  I will go ahead and update the blog post now as I am 99% certain this is the issue.


    Shawn Dieken

  • I still have issues with some of the pre-downloadable installations. The installer seems not to find them, I have tried both Redist folder and putting the files in the root of the folder for CRM for outlook installation.

    The packages it has problem finding are the Sign in assistans (MS and Windows Live),  SQL Server Compact and the Windows Identity foundation.

    This is happening on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 x64.

  • @Shawn Dieken - Thank you! Your solution is working fine for me!

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