The CRM E2 team is pleased to announce the release of the December 2011 refresh of the white paper, Optimizing and Maintaining the Performance of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Clients, which is currently available for download from the Microsoft Download Center at

Successfully optimizing and maintaining the performance of Microsoft Dynamics CRM clients accessing and interacting with a business solution based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 or Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online requires:

§ Familiarity with:

o A general approach to optimization and maintenance

o Factors that can adversely affect the performance of Microsoft Dynamics CRM clients

§ A solid understanding of:

o Options available for configuring Microsoft Dynamics CRM clients to overcome potential performance issues

o Best practices for customizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM clients for optimal performance

The white paper provides readers with the information necessary for optimizing and maintaining the performance of Microsoft Dynamics CRM clients. New or revised content in the December 2011 refresh includes additional detail about:

§ Software requirements (IE 9 specifically)

§ Computer power settings
Security software and virus scanning applications

§ Configuring the Internet Explorer Zoom setting

§ Tuning background polling activity

§ Performance ramifications of publishing customizations

§ Troubleshooting CRM Online performance, which appears in a newly added Appendix B

For this refreshed version, the CRM E2 team recognizes the efforts of Mike Carter, Bharath Swaminathan, Tony Clayton, and Stephanie Dart, as well as the broader CRM Product Group for contributing to and reviewing the version of the paper.

Note: The updated paper is also available via the TechNet and MSDN libraries, under Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, Technical Articles, in the Enterprise section.

Finally, a subsequent refresh of this paper is planned for early 2012, as soon as we have additional detail to share about the results of our latest performance improvement efforts.