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  • Blog Post: Connected World

    As a consultant you find yourself all over the place. Today I am headed to downtown Chicago via the good ole train. It's roughly a 1:30 minute ride one way. I normally travel with at least the following: Large cup of Dunkin Donuts ( you know America runs on it ) 1 Verizon phone with EVDO 1 Vista machine...
  • Blog Post: .NET House?

    Total geek stuff!!! controlthink home control has released an a .NET SDK to control all of your house automation needs. Yes, my house is now going to get .NETized.
  • Blog Post: I'm back, blogging again that is.

    Wow, so its really been a long time since I posted any real content. This past year has just been a whirl wind of activities for both my wife and I. We had our first kid, built a new house, yaddaa yaddaa yaaddaa. Before you know it a whole 6 months slipped from your fingers. So enough of the excuses...
  • Blog Post: Are you really in control?

    Last night I'm sitting on the couch coding away when suddenly mouse and keyboard were taken over and controlled by someone else. In a total panic I try and close down everything of which has a connection to the Internet. Things stop! At this point I am in total awe at what just happened. I start looking...
  • Blog Post: Multiplicity ROCKS!

    Like any good geek I have a ton of different machines and always seem to work work off a few monitors at once. Since I have a few monitors I really didn't need a KVM but I needed a way to get rid of the stacks of keyboards and mice, Multiplicity !!!! I just installed the trial version and it just rocks...
  • Blog Post: Announcing, Ethan Clark Sell

    Warning, Baby SPAM! Last night we introduced a new potential Microsoft interview candidate :) < ECS > < Name > Ethan Clark Sell </ Name > < Date > March 9th 2006 </ Date > < TimeOfDelivery > 9.35 PM </ TimeOfDelivery > < Sex >...
  • Blog Post: Codename Origami

    You may have heard some buzz around something called Origami which is a new PC form factor. You can find out the official details here: Funny part, I have just enough room in my backpack for yet another device.
  • Blog Post: Free Thumb Drive?

    Serious? I can't joke at a time like this. Click here , then click on valuable information. I don't think it gets any easier than that. Thanks to Blake Handler for the awesome find .
  • Blog Post: Energy Blue Theme

    Want a better looking desktop theme? Microsoft a while back released a theme called Energy Blue or Royal. I was first introduced to it via the Experience Pack for Tablet PC. Well it turns out that theme doesn't just work on a tablet pc but XP as well, here's how: Download :
  • Blog Post: Building or Buying a New House?

    Way off the beaten path... A number of months ago my wife and I finally decided to build a new house. If you have ever gone through the process of building or buying a new home, you know there is an unlimited amount of factors which ultimately affect the purchase and more so your monthly payment....
  • Blog Post: Reaching out, Toshiba Tecra M4 Mouse Lag

    I received my Toshiba Tecra M4 around 7 months ago. Like any, there are pro's and con's; overall not a bad machine. One thing that just drives me crazy it's the random mouse lag. Does anyone know a fix for this? If so, please comment!
  • Blog Post:

    It was finally time to join the long list of fellow Microsoft bloggers. You will now find a subset of content @ .
  • Blog Post: Virtual PC's Differencing Disks

    I love Virtual PC, and I use if for all of my development. I have a ton of VPC's just sucking up MAJOR disk space. I ran across and article from Andrew Connell , HOWTO: Use Virtual PC's Differencing Disks to your Advantage . I wish I would have known about that feature a few years ago...
  • Blog Post: Convert Your Code to HTML

    Nice little web utility to convert your code into HTML
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