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  • Is there any way to see where the handles in use by a C# app are being used?

    I have an app that grows to several thousand handles in use (as viewed in taskmgr) over the course of a day, but can't find the cause.
  • Add to the previous question.. Assume I can't (for a long list of silly political reasons I have no control over) "remotely debug" said application to get the same information..
  • Why doesnt c# have a #INCLUDE directive ?
  • (If my memory serves me well)
    In c++ is was bad to do this:
    for ( int i = 0 ; i < 10000 ; i++ )
    int a = i;
    as many, many ints would be created and fill up the stack space.

    Is it okay to do that in c# or should I be coding it like:
    int a;
    for ( int i = 0 ; i < 10000 ; i++ )
    a = i;
  • What future classes are being added to System.Collections? Can they be rewritten using generics and provide STL like usage?
  • What occurs internally when an ArrayList reaches its default capacity - 16; I noticed that the capacity gets doubled but what about the objects in the arraylist?

    What occurs internally when you .Insert an item into the arraylist?

    What is a good example of when to use the capacity value in the constructor ( new ArrayList(400) ) as opposed to using the default constructor (new ArrayList())

    Thanking you,
  • I have read your "Calling Code Dynamically" which is very interesting, but I wish you would go into more details. What are the reasons for the performance differences?
    Why are interface method calls slower than direct calls? Why are delegates even worse now, but on par in Whidbey?

  • Can you give examples of uses of WeakReference besides caches?
    Is there any guarantee that the pointer doesn't get collected between the call to IsAlive and getting the Target?
  • I have officially gone crazy over using == and .Equals(). I have reached the point where I don't know the difference between them. Please help!
  • If class A defines a static member X and class B, which derives from class A, defines a static member with the same signature,
    why am I asked to place the 'new' keyword on the definition in class B? Static members are supposed to be bound to the type, not to the instance. If I don't define a static member on B, why am I still able to perform B.X even though X was defined on A?
  • Why can I give a structure a default constuctor? It would be great to be able to control what values the stuctures members take rather than having them assigned there default values.
  • Could you allow access to setter/getter directly to allow delegate creation.
    For example:
    class X
    public string Foo { get; set; }

    delegate string foo();
    X x = new X();
    new foo(x.Foo);
  • Is C# getting Edit-and-Continue?
  • A question copied from

    "How do you specify constructors in an interface?" Answer is "You cannot. C# does not allow constructor signatures to be specified in interface." I don’t know the reason why.
  • Hi,
    I am c# developer.I want to know that in c# "plug-Compose" is
    possible? "Plug-Compose" is different from "plug-play".

    Any idea about "Module Adaptation" in c#.IF anyone can suggest me
    links or examples.That would be gr8.

    I would really appricate that.

    Thanks a lot!!

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