C# 4.0 PowerPoint Presentations

C# 4.0 PowerPoint Presentations

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Alexandru Ghiondea from the C# team created an excellent deck of slides that he used at Microsoft Days 2010 in Bulgaria. The C# team reused the deck several times for User Groups' presentations and talks. If you are planning a talk at your User Group, feel free to download. And even if you are not, it’s still might be useful to take a look – it’s a nice overview of the new C# 4.0 and Visual Studio 2010 features.

There are three presentations included: Introduction to C# 4.0, Increased Productivity with Visual C# IDE, and Dynamic Deep Dive.

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  • Thanks for sharing.  Amazing slides


  • Thax ... it is very help to me... nd it is easy to understand..

  • Thanks for the material... nice one.

  • i like it its nice blog......

    thanks 4 it

  • Thanks! Do you have anything specific which in VS 2010 for mobile app and how it is superior over other technologies.

  • Nice job!. It's really useful to get to know many new features.

  • Nice, thanks for sharing

  • nice slides !! we wait more

  • I just ran across this, very helpful!

  • nice slides and nice job...........


  • Thanks for sharing. NIce presentation.

  • Very Helpful. Thanks for sharing!!!

  • Thank's 4 sharing such a good stuff.We r anticipating more such good stuff  from u.

  • Thanks for sharing such a valuable resource

  • Yeah as Mr.Dum bass said in his comment, shouldn't the answer be (a) x:4 y:5 instead of (b) x:5 y:4.

    Otherwise this presentation is much helpful.

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