C# 2010 Soup to Nuts Series

C# 2010 Soup to Nuts Series

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By Emily Gibson

New! C# 2010 Soup to Nuts Series

Explore this webcast series on Visual C# 2010 presented by Developer Evangelist, Bill Steele. Learn about class libraries, operator basics, branching and looping, and more as Bill dives deep into this fantastic language.

Part 1: Introduction

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Watch this Entire Series:

Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Visual C# Express
Part 3: Class Libraries
Part 4: Visual C# Program Structure
Part 5: Language Fundamentals
Part 6: Branching and Looping
Part 7: Classes and Objects
Part 8: Operator Basics
Part 9: Basic Debugging
Part 10: Arrays and Collections

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  • Hi. I am unable to load the links above. They simply redirect to the MS Events page.

  • Likewise, how do we access the videos?

  • I found them on the MSevents page by filtering down to Developers and Webcasts. With those filters the events start around the 5th page.

    Looking forward to the rest of the series being posted.

  • Blogger has always been very like the article, hope blogger multiple again a few articles

  • Bill ! Thank you so much for this great Soup to Nut Series and for taking your precious time to share your knowledge with us. Bill, I appreciate your selfless act of sharing with those of us who are new to C#. I know that this series took a lot of time and effort to produce. Some of the links are not working and I am sure when you get some time you will rectify that issue.

    Please keep up the good work which you are providing to the programming community.

    Thanks again.    

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