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February, 2012

  • The C# Team

    Visual Studio 11 Beta Is Here!

    As you may have seen in Jason’s blog , Visual Studio 11 Beta is available for download today, including the Beta version of C# 5.0! If you’ve tried out the Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview, you already know that this is an exciting release...
  • The C# Team

    Start Coding for the Kinect

    by Alan Berman I'm intrigued by all the interesting industry apps being developed for the Kinect. I started wondering how easy it is to start programming the Kinect using Visual Studio on a PC. It is very easy to get started, especially since the Kinect...
  • The C# Team

    Implementing a Code Action using Roslyn

    By Brian Rasmussen The Roslyn Services API makes it easy to implement extensions that detect and fix code issues directly in Visual Studio. The Roslyn Services API is available as part of the Roslyn CTP . In this post we implement a Visual Studio...
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