Microsoft "Roslyn" September 2012 CTP now available

Microsoft "Roslyn" September 2012 CTP now available

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Following last Wednesday’s official launch of Visual Studio 2012, we’re excited to announce that the Roslyn September 2012 CTP is now available for download and provides support for VS 2012 RTM. Please note that Visual Studio 2010 is no longer supported by this CTP.

We’ve been hard at work since the first public release of Roslyn adding support for new language features and improving our APIs. In addition, we’ve also updated our NuGet packages to match the September 2012 CTP.

As always, your feedback is critical! Please get involved in the discussion on the Roslyn forum, file bugs on Connect, or just give us a shout-out on Twitter @ #RoslynCTP!



Dustin Campbell


About the Author

Dustin Campbell is a Program Manager responsible for the C# and VB language experiences on the Roslyn project.

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  • Has been nice to build features on top of roslyn with vs2010 for a while now, and suddenly having no support. Just gotta hope v2 will keep on working for years to come. Was this a marketing decision so people would upgrade to vs2012?

  • @Illodin -- No, it wasn't a marketing decision -- it was an engineering decision. Roslyn will replace the C# and Visual Basic language experiences in a future version Visual Studio. Continuing to support Visual Studio 2010 would be very difficult because it means that we can't use newer Visual Studio APIs or internals. We could do it, but that would mean using engineering resources to support VS 2010 that would be better spent bringing Roslyn in sooner rather than later.


  • Nice work. Just wanted to bring to you notice that the "Walkthrough: Scripting a Paint-like Application" is broken on the Roslyn homepage. Please get that fixed.

  • When will there be another update from the C# team? We haven't heard nary a peep in nearly 6 months. Is Roslyn still on track?

  • Release date?  Also what are the chances of being able to ship the binaries in a beta?

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  • Good campaing... its the soul !

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