Since my last post, I've been working as a PM on building the foundation for the announcement recently made by Dan Truax, the General Manager for the MSDN, TechNet, Expression, and CodePlex sites. I'm pretty excited about the work we're doing here. For years, the MSDN and TechNet sites have been relatively static - essentially a library of documentation and some navigation pages of links to try and point to some of the juicier nuggets. Now, we're trying to take the power of crowds to bring more relevance, more content, more LIFE to these sites.

I've honestly been a little frustrated at the slow uptake of some of the innovations we've already released, like Community Content (wiki) on the library. So, just as things are really heating up with the release of a new forums platform, a new social bookmarking application, I'm jumping from the engineering team into an evangelist role. I want to get the word out!

I'm going to jump head first into the community of MVPs, user groups, and power-MSDN-users and start talking more about what we're doing.

My blogroll will include some co-workers as well as MVPs and others who I'm talking with and who understand our new direction.

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