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MSDN and TechNet facelift

MSDN and TechNet facelift

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John Martin explains the prettier look on MSDN and TechNet is a little more than a facelift... I'd love to get a bunch of comments on the colors though :) we did many rounds here about whether the red for MSDN was too much. It's grown on me and I quite like it now.

But more importantly, I'm also interested in your thoughts on whether the change in focus on the Centers like the C# center is useful.

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  • I suspect most MSDN subscribers don't care how "pretty" things are - we just want the downloads and keys to work.

    I don't seem to be offered XP N keys, despite being in europe, and seeing Vista N keys and media.

    All keys for W2000 have been removed.

    Descriptions on DVD and CD downloads that told one the required volume label or extraction order have been removed.

    The XP and visual studio download pages list several items 3 or four times each

    The user interface is useless - having to hold down the mouse on the scroller for multiple minutes on long lists is ridiculous.

    It is as if someone came up with a list of how to break as much as possible - and then implemented that.

    Fix the many problems and bugs before you go "prettifying" anything.  

    As it is, the longer you take to fix these issues, the more you are annoying your paying MSDN customers. You know, the ones who indirectly pay the bills (and Bill & Steve ;) ).

  • Julian, I can agree with you 100% that most subscribers don't care as much about how "pretty" things are as about getting their downloads. While this new look for MSDN is technically unrelated to the subscriber issues you're calling out, those folks are just down the hall from me, so I'll be sure to pass your feedback on.

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