I think we need to make a screensaver version of this. It's all the bookmarks that MSDN and TechNet visitors are saving using our new social bookmarking feature, floating by in a sideways-"Matrix-falling-bits-of-code" Silverlight thingy. Gratuitous? Absolutely. But mesmerizing in a voyeuristic kind of way. I do love that it shows that most people are grown ups and actually bookmark helpful things, not just their favorite MySpace hottie's blog.

Of course, you'll want to click the "Now" filter to get the true stream of consciousness effect...

(BTW, it was built using Silverlight 2.0 beta, so you'll be prompted for an install if you're not on the latest Silverlight bits)

(Also BTW, the URL obviously isn't final. This was leaked a little before we wanted it to be, but we're rolling with it.)

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