My biggest takeaway from interactions with lots of great people at TechEd was that not enough people know about what we're doing, which makes for great job security for an evangelist like me :) We have so much to do in helping you (the IT pro and developer community) to internalize the fact that MSDN and TechNet are much, much more than a subscription of software downloads and an online library of reference content.

For example, I talked to one guy who was all excited because he thought he now had access to our great new social sites because he'd just bought a subscription! I tried to break it to him that everything he was seeing at our booth was free, but he was so locked into the "TechNet = subscription" mindset that I don't think it sunk in.

I also met some really insightful folks (like Stephen Rose, Bob Coppedge, Mitch Garvis, Thomas Lee, Jerry Honeycutt, and others) that helped me see our sites in new ways and helped me think more broadly about what we can do to support the community. I learned about what Culminis has been doing and what makes our Springboard series successful.

I'm looking forward to driving all the conversations started there to the next level. Oh, and I hope they pick a better theme park next year :( Universal Studios just didn't do it for me... Dinner at Charley's the night before was MUCH more fun.

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