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No need to shout! Plus forums updates

No need to shout! Plus forums updates

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An amusing video inspired by MSDN and TechNet's new focus on "kicking up the social volume" is over on YouTube (and Soapbox, embedded below). I think it tells the story of why community is critical for our sites in a just-annoying-enough-to-be-funny way. My only other comment: "Who would win" jokes aren't old yet. For the record, I cried with laughter watching Hot Rod with my son (my money is on the taco).

In other news, we slipstreamed several new features into the forums platform on Wednesday. They were doing a hotfix to address scalability and performance, and as a result, our SQL loads were cut nearly in half! But while they were at it, they jumped on a few features you were asking for:

  • Quick Reply: from our already-cool thread preview, if you're signed in, you now have links that let you reply straight from the preview without having to load the thread page. For heavy users, this alone could cut the number of page loads in half. (For those that don't know, our post editor flies up from the bottom of the screen without a page load. This means you could potentially go straight to a forum's page and never leave it while reading and replying to as many threads as you like.)
  • Keyboard shortcuts:
    • Alt+N = Start new question thread
    • Alt+R = Reply
    • Esc = Cancel and close editor

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  • I've got three bullets on the keynote: It all started with the "No Need to Shout" video about

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