I guess it's actually Day 1 for most attendees... the lucky ones that live in this beautiful place.

I started the day at an AIMIA event about Social Media and its role in Marketing. Interesting panel discussion led by Aussie reps from MySpace, Bebo, and others. They pointed to cases like Jeep and Victoria Secret as companies that had gradually learned how to use social networks like Facebook and YouTube to increase their reach, gather fans, and "fish where the fish are." They also called out Dell as a more relevant example to our own social network aspirations. Dell had a well-documented disastrous foray into "opening up" to their community. The problem was they didn't REALLY open up, and it was obvious. They've turned that around and have a real success with Idea Storm. I'm going to give them a closer look after this forum. Would love everyone's thoughts on whether Idea Storm works for them.

Also went to the opening party for TechEd of course... It was great to finally start meeting everyone, and I was pleased that people were eager to hear about our new apps on MSDN and TechNet, even over a beer with loud music. I'm sure the conversations will be a little more in-depth over the next couple of days, but I was able to demo Social Bookmarking to about 20 people.

Only one or two people had heard of it before, but everyone loved the idea. My favorite quote: "You'll get a lot of people using this, and I'll be one of them."

The lounges looks great - from the Surface table to the bean bags and massages. Looking forward to the next 3 days... stay tuned.