I've got three bullets on the keynote:

  • It all started with the "No Need to Shout" video about our work on MSDN & TechNet. Pretty psyched to see that still getting play and a few laughs.
  • Then there were cool free-runners. Always amazing to watch.
  • Amit's keynote about Live services and Mesh gave me an idea about presence detection and our platform. Had a conversation with a developer later in the morning where he had the same idea... What if you could see whether the person that posted that forum thread or bookmark was online right now? Hmmmm...

The MSDN and TechNet lounges are definitely a hang-out. The Surface table always has a crowd. Between us, we had some good conversations with a couple dozen attendees, and the feedback was consistent: they had no idea that there was so much on the sites beyond the subscriptions that's freely available.

A few quotes from today:

  • "I don't know that I'd need convincing [to use social bookmarking]. I've always been looking for a way to manage our knowledge base of resources."
  • "You mean there's actually a reason to use that social stuff?"

Pics from the lounges:

TechNet's #1 fan! or "What IT guys will do for prizes"

Finula and friends enjoying some refreshments...


The Surface table

MSDN Bar and pool table

TechNet Lounge