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IE8 Accelerators for MSDN and TechNet Social and Search

IE8 Accelerators for MSDN and TechNet Social and Search

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In the last of my series of cool new toys we're adding to extend the new MSDN, TechNet, and Expression social bookmarking sites, we've just posted a set of accelerators for IE8. Thanks to our own Tim Pearson and Husain Shambhoora for creating these! They'll be the first to say these were amazingly simple to create.

If you're not familiar with IE8 Accelerators, this page explains them very simply as quick shortcuts to services (like translation or search) that you use frequently.

We've just put a Social Bookmarking accelerator for each brand in the IE8 Add-ons Gallery:

We also added a TechNet Search accelerator to the existing MSDN Search one created by someone in the community (thanks!). Note that if you add TechNet Search or MSDN Search as a provider in IE8, it's automatically added as an accelerator as well.

To get any of these accelerators, install IE8 and go to the page for the accelerator you'd like to use, click on "install accelerator" and click "Add Provider". That's it! Then, whenever you're on a page you want to bookmark, just right-click on the page and click the accelerator on the menu:

Hint: these accelerators work with the text-selection trick we told you about before... select some text before right-clicking, and that text will be copied into the "description" for your bookmark. Nice time-saver.

One other tip: If you want to move one of the accelerators so that it’s at the top level of the popup menu, click on More Accelerators and then select Manage Accelerators. You can edit the category for any accelerator to make it appear at the top-level menu.

In case you missed them, here’s a list of the whole series of posts on extensions for social bookmarking:

You're now well-equipped to bookmark like crazy! Go, go, go!



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  • Chris, thank you for these amazing Accelerators! I am happy that this IE feature works for you.

    I just wanted to offer one little clarification: To make Accelerator appear at top-level menu you need to make it a "Default" for its category.

    Simplest way to do that is at the installation time - on the "Add Accelerator" dialog check the "make this a default" check box.

    Other approach is using the Manage Accelerators dialog - you'll find "Set as Default" button.

    Only one Accelerator per category can be a default (though category can be without a default alltogether), so you would only need to change the category if you want to make multiple Accelerators from the same category appear top-level.

    This was of course done to help uses prevent cluttering of the top level menu, and give them power to decide what goes there.

    Thanks again,

    Miladin [MSFT, IE team, Accelerator developer]

  • Miladin - thanks for making it so easy to build these, and for clearing up how best to manage them. Having more than one accelerator at top-level would be particularly helpful for search, where a generalized search engine is good for 80% of your searches, but a niche engine (like MSDN Search) is better tuned for particular kinds of queries.

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  • This is really a Great feature

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