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Top 10 Bookmarkers on MSDN and TechNet for September 2008

Top 10 Bookmarkers on MSDN and TechNet for September 2008

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We’d like to give kudos to our top bookmarkers as of September 30, 2008. These are the people that are on the leading edge of driving new content onto MSDN and TechNet. I removed a few of the people from our own team, as they’re kind of expected to use it :) Rest assured that we’re eating our own dogfood.

Follow the links to these profiles – if they’re bookmarking in areas you’re interested in, these would be good feeds to subscribe to. Bolded names are not Microsoft employees.

On MSDN Social:

  1. Ricardo Jimenez – with over 4,000 bookmarks, Ricardo’s still the man to beat. Ricardo’s added many of the best Code Project resources.
  2. YazanR - .Net and CSF guru.
  3. Oschpele – Webmaster from South Tyrol.
  4. Lars Wilhelmsen – Consultant in Norway. Java and Python resources!
  5. Christof – Lots and lots of AJAX and BizTalk stuff.
  6. DamonWilderCarr – A massive import from Delicious… would be nice to get these categorized, Damon :)
  7. xin cheng – Hundreds of bookmarks, almost no tags. Xin, help us find the good stuff.
  8. Dave [WynApse] MVP for Silverlight.
  9. Phillip Trelford – UK dev that I highlighted in a previous post. A little of everything in his bookmarks.
  10. Emily Schroeder – Sharepoint and Office resources.

And on TechNet Social:

  1. Michael Gannotti – At nearly 1,000 bookmarks (mostly on MOSS / Sharepoint), Michael is way out in front on the TechNet side.
  2. Vít Sedláček – A little of everything from one of our translation vendors in the Czech Republic.
  3. Brad Turner – ILM MVP, lots of good Active Directory and security resources.
  4. tonysoper – Virtualization and Windows Server. Tons of Hyper-V resources.
  5. Christophe Fiessinger – Senior Technical Product Manager for Project Server.
  6. KeithCombs – All things tech. One of our most popular bloggers and evangelists.
  7. RaajExchange – You guessed it: Exchange goodies.
  8. UMCO JSchmidtke – From Germany, lots of Windows resources.
  9. Alenat – Config Manager and virtualization.
  10. KFletcher – Exchange and enterprise admin.

Keep up the good work, guys! I’d love it if those of you that don’t know me already would drop me a line so that we can talk about how to make this app even better.


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