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Under the Azure skies of PDC 2008

Under the Azure skies of PDC 2008

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I couldn't resist getting Azure into the title of my first post from PDC 2008. The day started with what I'm sure will come to be known as "the keynote that started it all." Ozzie's vision of what cloud-computing will do in the shape of Azure Services is pretty awesome in its scope.

...but my role in the vast landscape of greatness that is PDC is to man the MSDN booth, where we're talking about our own service for the Microsoft developer community: our social bookmarking, forums, and code gallery applications for the site.


Our lonely booth... before the pavilion opened and we were swamped with people wanting a foam cup-holder organizer... thingy.

Between the 3 of us that were at the booth today, we gave demos to 87 people, and nearly everyone was impressed with the story we're telling:

  1. Find "vetted" and popular resources on any topic and subscribe to feeds of the good stuff.
  2. Find experts in a topic area and subscribe to a feed of their findings so that you can be proactive instead of reactive.
  3. Show off your own expertise with your MSDN bookmarks and forum posts.

If you're here, please come see us. Better yet, show us your profile (here's mine) with some bookmarks in it to get the highly coveted MSDN Bookmarking Badge:

msdn badge pdc

The coolest badge on the floor at PDC. Bar-none.

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