image Thanks to Chad Brooks, architecture evangelist, for creating a Popfly gadget that displays an RSS feed. He’s using it to expose bookmarks for the upcoming MSDN Developer Conferences. I tweaked it for my blog, as you can see in the right rail. It’s showing my own public MSDN bookmarks.

imageHere’s the link to my Popfly project. If you click on Tweak This, you’ll get options for changing the RSS feed to whatever you like… though I’d suggest hosting your MSDN or TechNet Bookmarks feed, of course :) You can find your bookmark feed by going to or and going to "”My Profile”. The link to your feed is next to the tabs. Note that if you filter your own bookmarks, like I’ve done below on “Azure”, then your feed gets filtered too! Which is nice in cases where you only want to expose your “Sharepoint” bookmarks on your blog, for example.


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