So, in this economy, anyone getting a new job is great news. But more so when it’s me :)

One of the more interesting green fields for social software right now is enterprise social computing. I've been lucky enough to be offered a new role in Microsoft working on their own internal social computing project. Having worked on the first steps of bringing Microsoft's developer and IT communities together on MSDN and TechNet with their new forums and bookmarking apps, I'm ready to bring "the social" inside now.

Enterprise 2.0 pic from Flickr
Pic from Fred Cavazza, Flickr

As I'm sure many of you are aware from other Microsoft bloggers, the Microsoft culture is very e-mail-centric. While e-mail is great for a lot of reasons, it's extremely inefficient for tasks like finding an expert or a project owner amongst 100,000 people. My new team already has fantastic ideas that will create great enterprise business value for social computing. I'll be sharing more details as we get closer to locking down just what we can deliver and when. For now, this blog will focus more on the broader Enterprise 2.0 questions being discussed in the industry today.

My first question in this space: can we come up with a better word than "social?" It's got so much baggage that makes it unpalatable for the enterprise. It used to be "community" - what was wrong with that?

I wish all of my friends and MSDN and TechNet the best - they've built some incredible assets in their new social apps, and I'll be excited to see where it goes.

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