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August, 2009

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About The Feedback Loop

This blog focuses on issues regarding feedback, bug reporting and transparency at Microsoft. I work on the Microsoft Connect team ( and write most of the feedback-related code for that site.

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    Coming soon- Zune on Connect!

    I've had a little project cooking on the side since I started with the Zune Services Team last month. One of the things that many of the Zune folks do is help customers out in the Zune Forums with issues they have, answering questions and the like. ...
  • The Feedback Loop

    Cool tool: Windows 7 Problem Steps Recorder

    For those of you who have or are going to be getting Windows 7, you have a great tool built into the OS. I was playing with it earlier, and I have a strong feeling this tool will play a very significant role in product support scenarios. It's going to...
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