Apparently there's a new standard that will prevent you from (get this) fast-forwarding through commercials. Worst - it will not even let you change channels.

I have a TiVo. It makes watching TV bearable. For every 2 minutes of actual TV you watch w/o it, you can expect to watch 1 minute of commercials. And now, it seems, content providers want to block that too.

From the article:

Four years ago, Jamie Kellner, then head of the Turner Broadcasting System, remarked in an interview in CableWorld magazine that viewers who used DVRs to fast-forward past commercials were committing "theft," then a moment later described it as "stealing the programming." He did allow trips to the bathroom as a noncriminal exemption.

He allows us trips to the bathroom? Thanks man!

What's next? "Turning off your TV is considered theft since you are not watching all the commercials that our advertisers pay for.."?

DRM.. Broadcast Flag.. No internet neutrality.. No fast forward.. [Insert melodramatic closing statement here about not owning our own DNA soon]