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May, 2009

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About Iron Curt

Curt Hagenlocher is a developer on the "GO Team" of the Visual Studio Managed Languages group.  He works on implementing IronPython and IronRuby.  In his spare time, he likes to write about himself in the third person.

  • Iron Curt

    DynamicDataTable, Part 1

    Let’s get started by doing “the simplest thing that could possibly work”. public class DynamicDataTable : DynamicObject { private readonly DataTable _table; public DynamicDataTable( DataTable table) { _table = table; } } For now, we’ll...
  • Iron Curt

    DynamicDataTable, Part 2

    The next thing we want for our dynamic DataTable is to do calculations between one or more columns. Imagine (for instance) that you want to add two columns and store the result in a third. In C#, the client code might look like this: dynamic table = new...
  • Iron Curt

    DynamicDataTable, Part 0

    To commemorate the first beta release of the first CLR to contain the DLR, I’m going to try to implement something more interesting than useful – a dynamic version of the DataTable class. My goal is to show how the dynamic support in C#4 and VB10 can...
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